Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX v3 released!

Finally, version 3 of the Honda NSX mod for Assetto Corsa is released!

The 3.0 update consists of 9 cars:
* 1992 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1999 Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
* 1991 Honda NSX
* 1997 Honda NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1992 Honda NSX-R
* 1994 Honda NSX-R
* 1997 Honda NSX Type S-ZERO

Get it here.

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX v3 previews

Long time no updates. I've been still working on the NSX, completely remodeling the cockpit and improving visuals here and there.

The next update to the Assetto Corsa NSX mod will be huge, and include more cars as well.

For now, here are some preview screens:

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Version 2.3 released!

Version 2.3 of Honda NSX for Assetto Corsa is released.

Download at RaceDepartment


- Slightly better tire texture/material
- Replaced Acura logo with Honda logo on the JDM version
- Mirrored wipers for the JDM version
- Other minor improvements/fixes

- Revised suspension geometry points to be more accurate
- Revised stabilizer bars to be more accurate
- Revised dampers to be more accurate
- Revised stroke length to be more accurate
- Revised stock alignment to be accurate to factory values
- Revised suspension height to be correct
- Revised suspension adjustment ranges to be more accurate
- Revised brakes based on data
- Revised physics colliders
- Revised inertia
- Revised LSD
- Revised aero, added yaw drag
- Modified throttle graph
- Modified torque curves slightly
- Modified engine braking torque
- Corrected gear ratios
- Corrected fuel cut RPM
- Raised S1 fuel cut RPM
- Lowered fuel tank position

- Corrected all visual offsets for CoG
- Raised car visual mesh 10mm
- Changed UI ride heights to more closely reflect factory values
- Implemented more correct UI values
- Implemented new UI description for Acura NSX and Acura NSX S1
- Corrected speedometer gauge
- Corrected rev meter gauge
- Standardized file layout
- Better sounds?

- Siim Annuk: 3D Model/textures
- David Dominguez, Jason Coates: Initial physics & updates
- Arch/Kyuubeey: Physics updates (v2.3)
- Modek: Sounds

Corvette C4 ZR-1 ’90 – Updated!

I have made an update to the Corvette ZR-1 for Assetto Corsa. It has been released as part of The Need For Speed mod. The update includes:

  • Physics updates by aphidgod
  • Fixed doors being part both interior and exterior views
  • Added indicator lights, additional dash lights
  • Added low-res cockpit
  • Improved tire texture
  • Added high beam lights
  • Fixed the clock and amb. temp readout in cockpit not aligned correctly
  • Proper pit crew branding
  • Updated UI

Still no LODs unfortunately, but the low-res cockpit should help at some situations.

Be sure to check out the amazing Porsche 991 (993) Carrera (by A3DR) as well!

Get the mod at


Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Version 2.2 released!

I've released version 2.2 of Honda NSX mod for Assetto Corsa.

This update includes:
- Shaders Lights Patch updates (high beams, indicator lights, instrument panel warning lights, wipers and more) updates by Some1
- Physics updates by aphidgod
- Sounds updates by Modek
- Cameras updates by Arch

Get it at