Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Version 2.3 released!

Version 2.3 of Honda NSX for Assetto Corsa is released.

Download at RaceDepartment


- Slightly better tire texture/material
- Replaced Acura logo with Honda logo on the JDM version
- Mirrored wipers for the JDM version
- Other minor improvements/fixes

- Revised suspension geometry points to be more accurate
- Revised stabilizer bars to be more accurate
- Revised dampers to be more accurate
- Revised stroke length to be more accurate
- Revised stock alignment to be accurate to factory values
- Revised suspension height to be correct
- Revised suspension adjustment ranges to be more accurate
- Revised brakes based on data
- Revised physics colliders
- Revised inertia
- Revised LSD
- Revised aero, added yaw drag
- Modified throttle graph
- Modified torque curves slightly
- Modified engine braking torque
- Corrected gear ratios
- Corrected fuel cut RPM
- Raised S1 fuel cut RPM
- Lowered fuel tank position

- Corrected all visual offsets for CoG
- Raised car visual mesh 10mm
- Changed UI ride heights to more closely reflect factory values
- Implemented more correct UI values
- Implemented new UI description for Acura NSX and Acura NSX S1
- Corrected speedometer gauge
- Corrected rev meter gauge
- Standardized file layout
- Better sounds?

- Siim Annuk: 3D Model/textures
- David Dominguez, Jason Coates: Initial physics & updates
- Arch/Kyuubeey: Physics updates (v2.3)
- Modek: Sounds