About me

My name is Siim Annuk, and this site is basically my personal portfolio, featuring stuff I have created and worked on. My main interests in IT are programming and 3D graphics/modeling, thus I will try to keep this site/blog updated with anything programming related and also post any progress reports of 3D modeling projects I’m working on.

I graduated from the University of Tartu in 2012, and got a BSc in Informatics. My thesis was about using peer-to-peer technologies in virtual world simulations. I currently work as a programmer in Cybernetica.

I also like traveling, especially warm places, you can find out about my travelings in the Traveling category.

PS. This site runs on WordPress and the theme is created from scratch by myself. The banner under the main menu features a random image from games, travelings etc. The background color of the site is also randomly chosen from a predefined set of colors.