Back in real world!

Long time no updates! I've finally graduated and now I'm back at my regular stuff. The last 5 months were pretty intense, as I wanted to graduate and for that I needed to pass linear algebra course (third time's the charm!), which was pretty tough for me. But I did it and I'm happy that the school's over.

So, what happens now? I will pick up on my game programming project and try to come up with a few simple demos/games soon. Also, I want to finish my latest 3d modeling project - the Corvette C6 - and release it for rFactor and perhaps for some other games as well. And then I might try to design my own concept car, who knows...

I recently bought an SSD drive and migrated to Windows 7. It boots in under 10 seconds, so it's properly fast. I definitely recommend SSD-s for the system drive!

So, check back soon for more updates! I will redesign the portfolio page so it would give a better overview of my creations; also I want to enable the comments again, but I need to get better spam detection to this blog first.

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