Beginning Android game programming with libGdx

Since I now have had an Android smartphone (Galaxy S2) for a few weeks, I decided to try developing apps for it. Games, to be precise. I looked around the web for game development libraries for Android and discovered libGdx. It is a cross-platform game development API written in Java and uses OpenGL for graphics. I decided to implement the classic rotating cube as my first Android app. I followed thisĀ video tutorial and after a while, this was the result:

Probably the most difficult part to date was figuring out how to get the app to my device (phone). The Eclipse ADT plugin has a device chooser dialog, but my device was not listed in it and thus it could not upload the app to my device. After a bit of googling, I found out that I needed to check the USB debugging option (to enable USB debugging) in the Applications -> Development menu in my phone. Quite counter-intuitive option, I think...

So, now that I have an overview of the basics, I will look into developing an actual game, something 2D for starters!

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