Another unfinished project released…

Usually, I have quite a few projects going on both programming and modeling related. Sometimes, for various reasons, I decide to scrap a project even if I've already poured quite a few days worth of work into it, other times I decide to release an unfinished project to the community so that perhaps somebody else can finish it off.

I once released an unfinished Racer track project called "Factory Test Track", that received a warm welcome among the community. So, now I have done it again! I've released an even more unfinished Racer track project called "Mount Autobahn". I just decided that I don't have time to complete the project, ever, but since the ideas and design of the track were nice in my opinion, I would have hated to see it go down the Recycle Bin.

Mount Autobahn is/was my attempt at creating a challenging stretch of public roads that would feature an autobahn, twisty mountain roads, some city junctions, a railway overpass and much more. I designed it to be a point-to-point track with roundabouts at both ends, so that you could have traffic (Racer doesn't support traffic, but you can have many AI racers drive slowly) that would travel both ways.

Go to the track release thread at Racer forums at for download links and more info. The download includes both the Racer-ready track and 3DS Max source files and textures.

Here's a few screenshots of the track in Racer:

WIP: Chevrolet Corvette C6 (version 2) – Update #2

Here's a little update on the interior of the Corvette. The mesh is mostly done, some small details need to be added though. Then, the next phase is texturing and creating a low detail version for exterior views used in games.

WIP: Chevrolet Corvette C6 (version 2) – Update #1

Here are the first Work-In-Progress (WIP) screenshots of my new Corvette C6 model. I'm remodeling this car because I wanted to create the ZR-1 model and I wanted to add more detail to the previous model. So, I figured, it was easier to completely remodel the car from scratch rather than to modify the existing one.

(the screenshots are from Racer, except for the wireframe and interior shots)

In the end, I will make the standard Coupe, the slightly more powerful Grand Sport, the more powerful Z06 and the most powerful ZR-1. The details will include fully detachable parts (like the my Supra model already has), high quality interior etc. This car will be available for rFactor (1 and hopefully 2 as well) and perhaps for Racer too.

RACER – free cross-platform car simulation project

In around 2002 I discovered Racer, a free car simulation project that features user created content such as cars and tracks. At that time, Racer was still in very early stages and had a lot of bugs and unfinished features. But something about the freedom in Racer kept me to stick around and soon I started to create my own mods for the simulator - mostly cars at first.

Fast forward 9 years and Racer is pretty much the same thing, having lot of bugs and unfinished features. Still, it has come a long way since, and now has very nice graphics achieved by programmable shaders (almost Gran Turismo 5 quality!), quite good physics and a supporting community. Also, Racer is being used for commercial simulation hardware - check out Cruden.

Content creation for Racer is made easy by the use of plain text files for content properties, support for common texture formats such as TGA, BMP, DDS and of course additional tools that come with Racer installation.

Because of the ease of moddability, Racer makes a pretty good (and free!) platform for content creators to test out their creations quickly and conventiently.

Important links to check out:
- Racer home
- Racer community forums at RaceDepartment