Corvette C6 (version 2) – Beta release for rFactor

Finally we (Niels Heusinkveld and I) have released the beta version of the Corvette C6 (version 2) for rFactor. The version 2 means that the model was remade from scratch and the physics and sounds were hugely improved.

Get the Corvette for rFactor at the RaceDepartment release thread!

WIP: Chevrolet Corvette C6 (version 2) – Update #2

Here's a little update on the interior of the Corvette. The mesh is mostly done, some small details need to be added though. Then, the next phase is texturing and creating a low detail version for exterior views used in games.

WIP: Chevrolet Corvette C6 (version 2) – Update #1

Here are the first Work-In-Progress (WIP) screenshots of my new Corvette C6 model. I'm remodeling this car because I wanted to create the ZR-1 model and I wanted to add more detail to the previous model. So, I figured, it was easier to completely remodel the car from scratch rather than to modify the existing one.

(the screenshots are from Racer, except for the wireframe and interior shots)

In the end, I will make the standard Coupe, the slightly more powerful Grand Sport, the more powerful Z06 and the most powerful ZR-1. The details will include fully detachable parts (like the my Supra model already has), high quality interior etc. This car will be available for rFactor (1 and hopefully 2 as well) and perhaps for Racer too.

Toyota Supra MKIV

This second car I modeled for rFactor in 2009 is the famous Toyota Supra MKIV. I don't like heavy visual tuning (called ricing), but this car seems to be one of the most tuned sports car. I think nowadays it is quite hard to find a real stock Supra MKIV out there... Anyway, this car only has the TRD spoiler and two sets of aftermarket wheels for upgrades in rFactor, other than that is looks stock.

The mod contains two versions of the car - the 220hp normally aspirated one (GZ) and the 320hp twin turbo (RZ).

This mod is also special because it uses two custom shaders I wrote to make the visuals better. The first shader was a modified car paint shader that added the fresnel effect, which makes the reflections more realistic. The other shader I wrote is essentially a billboarding shader that adds realisting light glares - rFactor didn't have this effect, they just used static models for light glares, which looked quite unrealistic.

The Supra MKIV mod received very high scores from the community, and again, partly it is because of Niels Heusinkveld, who created very realistic physics for the car.

The car is modeled in 3DS Max. Here is some information about the model:

  • Polycount: approximately 23200 (35000 with high quality interior)
  • Number of textures: about 20

You can download the mod for rFactor here.

Chevrolet Corvette C6 (version 1)

I modeled this car in 2007, it was my first mod for the popular racing simulator rFactor. The community gave it quite good scores and it received the rFactorCentral Street Car Of The Year award. I guess the community liked the car and they said it was done very well, the textures and models were very good. I would say that the car was a success also because Niels Heusinkveld created the physics for the car and he is really talented at this!

The mod contains 4 versions of the Corvette - the Coupe, the Convertible, the Z06 and the 2007 Indy Pace Car.

The car is modeled in 3DS Max. Here is some information about the model:

  • 4 LOD levels for most parts
  • Polycount: about 21000 for highest LOD.
  • Number of textures: around 25 (this includes all versions)

You can download the Corvette mod for rFactor here.

By the way, since I'm currently remodeling this car from scratch, I've added the "version 1" in the title to avoid confusion.