Corvette C6 for rFactor2 – Released!

Finally, my Corvette C6 is officially released for rFactor2! It comes as 4 variants -- the standard coupe, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR-1.

Get them here!

Light Flare Shader for rFactor2 – Released!

I finally found some free time to put together a small tutorial explaining how to set up the light flare/glare shaders for rFactor2.


This is my continued effort from rFactor1, to improve rFactor2 graphically by providing 3rd party shaders that simulate light flare/glare effect. Althought the shaders needed a bit of fiddling to get them to work in rFactor2, I think the result looks good.

There are some new features compared to the rFactor1 version:
- additional glow effect for the headlight shader,
- color and size can be adjusted through vertex color and
- alpha channels and the aspect ratio of the flare can also be adjusted.

Unfortunately I didn't have much time to come up with a thorough readme, but I hope that the basics are there and the rest is up for discovery.

Download here!

Honda NSX for rFactor2 – Released!

So now it's official, my Honda NSX is available for rFactor2, completely free.

Get it here!

Download the skin template here.

rFactor2 – screenshots (#4)

Here's another batch of rFactor2 screens featuring my light flare/glare shader that I've been developing for the past few weeks.

rFactor2 – screenshots (#3)

Yo, the light flare shader is back, bitches! Since rFactor2 still doesn't support light flare/glare shaders (simple billboarded shaders that change the size according to the viewing angle, creating the flare effect of a light), I decided to port my light flare shader from rFactor1 to rFactor2. I think I succeeded, although right now the shader doesn't look too good in HDR mode. Still, enjoy the screens.