rFactor2 – screenshots (#2)

Here are four more rF2 screenshots featuring the Corvette C6 on the recently released Autodromo di Mores track.

rFactor2 – screenshots (#1)

Just two screenshots featuring the Corvette C6 in rFactor2. The second screen is photoshopped a bit.


EngineSoundEditor for rFactor

In rFactor, you have to set the engine sound samples to match correct rpm's manually, by editing a text file. I created a little tool that would help to tune the values in real time, so you don't have to reload the game over and over again after each small change. Works with rF1 and rF2 style SFX files.

It is currently in still in beta stage, many features are missing and bugs need to be sorted out. Basically, what you can do right now, is specify the sound base dir (for example <rFactor folder>/GameData/Sounds) and then open an SFX file of a car. You will be displayed a tachometer and a list of sound samples. You can rev the engine (either automatically or manually) and change the min/max/natural values of the samples. You can also save the result.

UPDATE 18-11-2012: Version 0.3 (and source code!) - Added missing 'save' functionality.
Download binaries: EngineSoundEditor-bin-v0.3
Download source: EngineSoundEditor-src


Corvette C6 – hands and wipers animations in rFactor2

I've been playing around with my Corvette in rFactor2 for some time now. Lately, did the hands steering animations and wipers animations for the car. Check out the following video:

This is the first time I animated something in 3ds. Very time consuming activity, adjusting the hands position for each frame -- 900 degrees of rotation and keyframe each 15 frames. Fortunately, I didn't have to rig the driver, only animate the bones, since the driver came with rFactor2 pre rigged.

First screens of my Corvette in rFactor2

I've managed to convert my new Corvette C6 model to rFactor2, which is still in beta.