“Short Circuit” Track

The NSX received very positive feedback and so I continued my "modeling career". I wanted to try something different for a change so I decided to try and make a racing track. ZModeler did not provide very good tools for modeling tracks, but I didn't want to start learning another toolset just yet so I was stuck with creating a track in ZModeler. I created a very simple flat track with many curves. Since ZModeler didn't provide a very good lofting functionality, I just created a single stretch of road and then cloned it and bent it the way I wanted. The result was a small track I called "Short Circuit", like the movie.

Originally, the track was completed somewhere around 2005, but I made new textures (seen on the screenshots) for it in 2007. Two more track projects that I have completed are Speedest3 and Factory Test Track, both are created in 3DS Max and are available for Racer. Between these completed projects, I have created lots of unfinished tracks and some cars, mostly for learning purposes. I've long abandoned ZModeler and now I model in 3DS Max, which I find quite easy to use and very powerful.

Honda NSX

Since the Corvette received positive feedback from the Racer community, I continued modeling cars and in 2004 started my next serious project - the famous Honda NSX. This model too, was created entirely in ZModeler1 but it was more detailed and this time I also had blueprints to help me get the shape of the car right. When I had completed most of the model, I unfortunately found out the top view blueprint was a little skewed and thus my model had some inaccuracies. Bummer! I should have examined the blueprints thoroughly before starting to model. Anyway, the car actually turned out all right and was again available for Racer.

Chevrolet Corvette C4

I began 3D modeling in about 2003, when I started my first car from scratch - the 1984 Chevrolet Corvette C4. It was actually quite a difficult shape to model since there weren't any good quality blueprints available (actually, there weren't any blueprints for a Corvette). But since I really liked the car, I was determined enough to finish it. The model was created from scratch in ZModeler1 and then exported to Racer. ZModeler is actually quite simple to use for a beginner and it is games oriented (supporting a fair amount of game 3d formats), but it lacks more advance features like mesh smoothing etc.

C++: Card games BlackJack and Video Poker

In my C++ course in University, I had to make card games as the course final project. They had to be graphical games and had to use the Allegro Gaming Library. So, the result was a library that supported building card games and two games - Poker and BlackJack - realized using that library. This was my first 2D game written in C++, I had only created simple OpenGL 3D apps before. The game uses only keyboard and the interface is again in Estonian.

Download the source and executables (Windows only): CardGames.zip (5 MB)

Java: Noughts and Crosses

Yet another AI project, a classic Noughts and Crosses (Tic-tac-toe) game. I guess this one does not need any comments. Built similarly as the previous AI games.

Download the source code: NoughtsAndCrosses.zip (113 KB)