Corvette C6 mod for Assetto Corsa – v0.1

Announcing the Corvette C6 mod for Assetto Corsa!

I originally modeled the Corvette C6 for rFactor back in 2012. The rFactor mod contained the regular Coupe, Z06, Grand Sport, and the ZR-1.

I have finally found time to port the mod over to AC along with some improvements and fixes, although it might not be up to the current AC standards at some places, since the requirements for rFactor were a little different.

This time, I will ditch the regular Coupe and only bring you the Z06 first, followed by the Grand Sport and finally the ZR-1. So, this very first version contains only the 2007-ish Corvette C6 Z06.

The physics was done by David Dominguez, the sounds are currently from the Kunos C7.

Download here.

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