Corvette C6 (version 2) – released!

Finally, the Corvette C6 (version 2 final; 2012 model year basically) is released for rFactor!

From the release thread:
**Beware, it is a standalone version of rFactor so don't install it over existing rfactor installations!**

Read the readme PDF that is included in the download!!

Changes from the beta:
- slightly forward and fixed brake bias
- added head physics and very slight view shake
- higher res mirrors
- dashboard screen shows car info instead of nothing
- removed bogus z07 and pde vehicles, now only available through upgrades
- removed huge not used tga files
- minor bits and bobs

Download links:

One Response to Corvette C6 (version 2) – released!

  1. irfan says:

    it was the best mod after the supra, every single feature is working great, and i love how every details done 😀
    physic was also great….

    thanks for still providing rfactor greats mod, cant wait to get the nsx 😀

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