EngineSoundEditor for rFactor

In rFactor, you have to set the engine sound samples to match correct rpm's manually, by editing a text file. I created a little tool that would help to tune the values in real time, so you don't have to reload the game over and over again after each small change. Works with rF1 and rF2 style SFX files.

It is currently in still in beta stage, many features are missing and bugs need to be sorted out. Basically, what you can do right now, is specify the sound base dir (for example <rFactor folder>/GameData/Sounds) and then open an SFX file of a car. You will be displayed a tachometer and a list of sound samples. You can rev the engine (either automatically or manually) and change the min/max/natural values of the samples. You can also save the result.

UPDATE 18-11-2012: Version 0.3 (and source code!) - Added missing 'save' functionality.
Download binaries: EngineSoundEditor-bin-v0.3
Download source: EngineSoundEditor-src


10 Responses to EngineSoundEditor for rFactor

  1. Rebellion says:

    You have generated a new car and are looking for the right Sound for it.
    You have certain ideas and know what you want.
    You know exactly constitutes a mod was with the right sound, but you do not remember which mod it was.
    Also you’re too lazy to go to every time ingame.
    Hear the Sounds and change Parameters in Realtime.
    Here is the Solution.


  2. Just the tool I needed for my mod, thanks! One bug report though – when I save the sfx file, there is no engine sound in-game. Perhaps it adds a space or tab somewhere that confuses rFactor.

  3. kyle says:

    just added a week on to my life lol thanks!

  4. RDS Alphard says:

    Amazing piece of software that I just need to made a better sounding cars !

  5. Max Richardson says:

    Will this work for GTR2? If not is there a similar yet simple program? Thanks

  6. Carlos says:


    Suggestion: maybe it needs use mix engine sounds (coast + power)

  7. tomtom says:

    Great utility, btw. Thank you, Siim Annuk.
    Also all of your mods are super high quality. Your NSX showed me the standard and it inspired me to learn how to mod myself.

  8. anonymous says:

    crashes when loading sound. useless shit

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