My new sim racing wheel – the Logitech G27

A picture of my girlfriend trying out the temporary racing setup - I moved our 40 inch TV to my desk to get a bigger and better in-game view.

I finally decided to upgrade my sim racing hardware and get myself a new racing wheel - the Logitech G27. It is a dramatic improvement over my previous (and first!) racing wheel, the Logitech Driving Force Pro, which I've been using for the past 5 years. For me, the most important improvements are the H shifter and the quietness of the wheel. When racing hard, the old wheel made quite a lot of noise, whereas the G27 is almost silent.

So far, I've tried rFactor, Live For Speed and Need For Speed SHIFT2 and the wheel works perfectly with the first two games and less great with NFS. The force feedback was just too heavy even when I turned down the effects in game. I guess I can get better results for NFS, if I care to take some time and fiddle with the settings.

In my opinion, this racing wheel is well worth the money!

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