Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Version 1 released!

Finally, version 1 final has been finally released! Finally!

The release includes 4 cars:
- Honda NSX NA1
- Honda NSX NA2
- Honda NSX-R NA1
- Honda NSX-R S1 (a fictional upgrade for the NSX-R)

The changelog (since the last beta 2) includes:
- much improved physics matching closely the real car;
- accurate sounds recorded from the real car;
- graphical improvements including dash lights, driver shift animations, better headlights and tail lights etc.

Known issues:
- the driver shift animations are not perfect, but good enough for external views
- no LODs

- model & texures -- Siim Annuk
- physics -- David Dominguez
- initial sounds -- NeverKrash, final recorded sounds -- Surefoot, sound mixing -- Modek

Download (~180 mb)
Skin templates (~46 mb)

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Beta2 released!

Beta2 of the Honda NSX for Assetto Corsa is released!
Note, this does not contain any physics updates.

- fixed collider crash when joining server
- fixed LOD switch in the cockpit when changing FOV
- correct NA1 gauge cluster on the NSX-R
- speedometer is more accurate
- improved rear light texture
- improved wheels models
- S1 versions feature 7-spoke wheels
- misc improvements

Download here (~290 mb)

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Beta1 released!

I have released beta1 of the Honda NSX for Assetto Corsa. This release contains the regular NSX and the NSX-R. Huge thanks for David Dominguez for the physics and NeverKrash for the sounds!

Download of beta1 removed, beta2 has been released.

Notes/known issues:
- no LODs, might be heavy on the graphics
- rear view mirror is shrinked a little
- NSX-R is missing some dashboard rev lights
- NSX-R wheels are a bit low quality
- driver animations are rudimentary

Also, check out the MOD thread at official Assetto Corsa forums.

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Update 3

Not much to say, except I'm planning to release a beta version soon. Physics is coming up nicely, still need sounds although we have a guy looking into it right now. This is the NSX-R version.

Corvette C6 for rFactor2 – Released!

Finally, my Corvette C6 is officially released for rFactor2! It comes as 4 variants -- the standard coupe, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR-1.

Get them here!