Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Update 3

Not much to say, except I'm planning to release a beta version soon. Physics is coming up nicely, still need sounds although we have a guy looking into it right now. This is the NSX-R version.

Corvette C6 for rFactor2 – Released!

Finally, my Corvette C6 is officially released for rFactor2! It comes as 4 variants -- the standard coupe, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR-1.

Get them here!

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Update 2

I've been learning the Assetto Corsa modding pipeline, and I must say that regardless of some quirks, it is quite easy to follow and beats rFactor2 in some aspects. From the graphics point of view, once I have set up the car in 3DS Max properly (dummy hierarchy etc) and exported it to FBX, I can work on the materials on the AC SDK editor, which gives me results in real time. Pretty lovely, compared to rF2, where I need to export the car from 3DS Max each time I modify some material property.

As for the progress on the NSX, I'm still working on the essentials -- added dash needles, working mirrors, tweaked material properties here and there etc. The driver needs to be set up properly (so that he would actually sit in the right place and have hands on wheels and feet on pedals), but I'm not sure how to do that yet. And then there are the sounds -- AC recently changed its sound engine to FMOD and cars now use sound banks instead of separate WAV files set up in INI files.

Btw, I'm loving the Photo Mode in AC, although its still probably WIP. But, you can take pretty nice screenshots.


Light Flare Shader for rFactor2 – Released!

I finally found some free time to put together a small tutorial explaining how to set up the light flare/glare shaders for rFactor2.


This is my continued effort from rFactor1, to improve rFactor2 graphically by providing 3rd party shaders that simulate light flare/glare effect. Althought the shaders needed a bit of fiddling to get them to work in rFactor2, I think the result looks good.

There are some new features compared to the rFactor1 version:
- additional glow effect for the headlight shader,
- color and size can be adjusted through vertex color and
- alpha channels and the aspect ratio of the flare can also be adjusted.

Unfortunately I didn't have much time to come up with a thorough readme, but I hope that the basics are there and the rest is up for discovery.

Download here!

Honda NSX for rFactor2 – Released!

So now it's official, my Honda NSX is available for rFactor2, completely free.

Get it here!

Download the skin template here.