WIP: Corvette C4 ZR-1 ’90 – Update #1

I've started a new 3d modeling project -- the 1990 Corvette C4 ZR-1, that was part of The Need For Speed (1996). I'm modeling it as part of TNFS mod for Assetto Corsa.

The C4 Corvette is one of my favorite Corvettes of all time and the ZR-1 version is a more powerful and refined version of the base C4. There exists two versions of the C4 ZR-1 -- the first one released in 1990 had the nose design from the original C4, while later they used refined nose design, among other things.

Currently, I'm still adjusting and tweaking the shape, trying to get the proportions right. Once I've finalized the general shape (and collapsed the smoothing modifier), I will start cutting and adding detail.

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Version 2 released!

Finally, after many months, version 2 of the Honda NSX mod for Assetto Corsa is released!
This version includes the following NSX models:

  • Honda NSX NA1
  • Honda NSX-R
  • Acura NSX
  • Acura NSX (S1 -- fictional performance version)

Please note that there still aren't any LODs (creating them is a painstakingly long process and I simply do not have the free time), thus you might experience performance issues with full grid of cars.


  • Siim Annuk -- models & textures
  • aphidgod -- physics (improvements to inital version by David Dominguez)
  • Modek -- sounds


UPDATE: A new version has been released, which improves sounds.
 (~174 mb)

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Version 2 preview

Long time no updates! I've finally found some time to update the Honda NSX for Assetto Corsa. I've decided to change the model lineup a bit, the Honda NSX mod will now feature 4 cars:

  • Honda NSX 1991 JDM
  • Honda NSX-R 1992 JDM
  • Acura NSX 1991
  • Acura NSX S1 (fictional version with different wheels and body colored roof)

The Hondas will be right hand drive, while the Acuras will be left hand drive. I've improvedthe graphics, fixed a few issues here and there. No ETA for the release yet, since I need to contact the physics guy and sound guy to help me with the physics and sound.

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Version 1 released!

Finally, version 1 final has been finally released! Finally!

The release includes 4 cars:
- Honda NSX NA1
- Honda NSX NA2
- Honda NSX-R NA1
- Honda NSX-R S1 (a fictional upgrade for the NSX-R)

The changelog (since the last beta 2) includes:
- much improved physics matching closely the real car;
- accurate sounds recorded from the real car;
- graphical improvements including dash lights, driver shift animations, better headlights and tail lights etc.

Known issues:
- the driver shift animations are not perfect, but good enough for external views
- no LODs

- model & texures -- Siim Annuk
- physics -- David Dominguez
- initial sounds -- NeverKrash, final recorded sounds -- Surefoot, sound mixing -- Modek

Download (~180 mb)
Skin templates (~46 mb)

Assetto Corsa: Honda NSX – Beta2 released!

Beta2 of the Honda NSX for Assetto Corsa is released!
Note, this does not contain any physics updates.

- fixed collider crash when joining server
- fixed LOD switch in the cockpit when changing FOV
- correct NA1 gauge cluster on the NSX-R
- speedometer is more accurate
- improved rear light texture
- improved wheels models
- S1 versions feature 7-spoke wheels
- misc improvements

Download here (~290 mb)