RACER – free cross-platform car simulation project

In around 2002 I discovered Racer, a free car simulation project that features user created content such as cars and tracks. At that time, Racer was still in very early stages and had a lot of bugs and unfinished features. But something about the freedom in Racer kept me to stick around and soon I started to create my own mods for the simulator - mostly cars at first.

Fast forward 9 years and Racer is pretty much the same thing, having lot of bugs and unfinished features. Still, it has come a long way since, and now has very nice graphics achieved by programmable shaders (almost Gran Turismo 5 quality!), quite good physics and a supporting community. Also, Racer is being used for commercial simulation hardware - check out Cruden.

Content creation for Racer is made easy by the use of plain text files for content properties, support for common texture formats such as TGA, BMP, DDS and of course additional tools that come with Racer installation.

Because of the ease of moddability, Racer makes a pretty good (and free!) platform for content creators to test out their creations quickly and conventiently.

Important links to check out:
- Racer home
- Racer community forums at RaceDepartment

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