Short Circuit – an underrated funny comedy

Have you seen Wall-E? Did you like it? Yes? Well, then check out Short Circuit (1986) and find out where Pixar gets its ideas from 😉

My most favorite quotes from the movie:

Ben Jabituya: I am thinking she is a virgin. Or at least she used to be.

Newton Crosby: Where are you from, anyway?
Ben Jabituya: Bakersfield, originally.
Newton Crosby: No, I mean your ancestors.
Ben Jabituya: Oh, them. Pittsburgh.
(the joke here is that Ben is an indian guy)

Ben Jabituya: Newton, we are wasting valueless time here.

Ben Jabituya: I am standing here beside myself.

Newton Crosby: Holy shit.
Number 5: No shit. Where see shit?

Ben Jabituya: Looks like you have created another Frankfurter's monster.
Number 2: Visibility 5 feet, 2 feet, no feet...

Stephanie Speck: Yes, I'd like to speak to one of your head warmongers, please.
Duke: Dr. Warmonger - I mean, Dr. Marner!

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