“Short Circuit” Track

The NSX received very positive feedback and so I continued my "modeling career". I wanted to try something different for a change so I decided to try and make a racing track. ZModeler did not provide very good tools for modeling tracks, but I didn't want to start learning another toolset just yet so I was stuck with creating a track in ZModeler. I created a very simple flat track with many curves. Since ZModeler didn't provide a very good lofting functionality, I just created a single stretch of road and then cloned it and bent it the way I wanted. The result was a small track I called "Short Circuit", like the movie.

Originally, the track was completed somewhere around 2005, but I made new textures (seen on the screenshots) for it in 2007. Two more track projects that I have completed are Speedest3 and Factory Test Track, both are created in 3DS Max and are available for Racer. Between these completed projects, I have created lots of unfinished tracks and some cars, mostly for learning purposes. I've long abandoned ZModeler and now I model in 3DS Max, which I find quite easy to use and very powerful.

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