WIP: Chevrolet Corvette C6 (version 2) – Update #3

After a long pause, here comes another update of the Corvette remake. The car is mostly done, some minor details and LODs are still missing here and there. I've got the model in game (rFactor) already and it's looking good. The poly count of the highest LOD with low-poly interior is around 35000, the high poly interior is about 25000 with the steering wheel. I've already got the second LOD level done and the poly count for that makes about 70% of the highest LOD level. If I get time, I will make another lower LOD level.

Here are some renderings of the four models - the Coupe, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR-1. Although, I've been modeling in 3ds Max for about 5+ years, I've never really picked up rendering until now. So, this was my first time rendering something in 3ds Max with Mental Ray. While I primarily work in Windows XP (32-bit), I had to switch to Windows 7 (64-bit) since Max (or Mental Ray) was throwing me with out-of-memory errors all the time. Perhaps I messed something up while setting up the rendering parameters, I don't know.

Here are the renders:

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