WIP: Chevrolet Corvette C6 (version 2) – Update #1

Here are the first Work-In-Progress (WIP) screenshots of my new Corvette C6 model. I'm remodeling this car because I wanted to create the ZR-1 model and I wanted to add more detail to the previous model. So, I figured, it was easier to completely remodel the car from scratch rather than to modify the existing one.

(the screenshots are from Racer, except for the wireframe and interior shots)

In the end, I will make the standard Coupe, the slightly more powerful Grand Sport, the more powerful Z06 and the most powerful ZR-1. The details will include fully detachable parts (like the my Supra model already has), high quality interior etc. This car will be available for rFactor (1 and hopefully 2 as well) and perhaps for Racer too.

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